YABUTS Live in ROUNTUITS--Children's Version by Timothy Stuetz

YABUTS Live in ROUNTUITS--Children's Version

When a child is not given the love, encouragement, support, and all the other nourishment they need, defense mechanisms and other  very limiting, nonproductive . . .

habits and patterns develop that will follow them into adulthood.  

These habits and patterns can and will prevent them from achieving their full potential in all areas of life. 

YABUTS Passage

Once upon a time . . . 
Ooooops, I mean Over and Over and Over Again upon a time . . . 
Ooooops-a-daisy, that’s not quite what I mean either . . .
Let’s try that one more time . . .
Over and Over and Over and Over Again throughout the history of time . . . including RIGHT NOW . . . there have been and are YABUTS who live in  ROUNTUITS.
What are YABUTS you may wonder?  
And what’s this ROUNTUIT they live in you may ponder?
Well, YABUTS look very much like RABBITS.
In fact, a YABUT is almost a RABBIT.
Hmmmm!  Almost a RABBIT?   
Are you wondering how a creature can ALMOST be a RABBIT?
Are you wondering what this ALMOST RABBIT creature looks like?
Well it looks pretty much like a RABBIT with a few BIG DIFFERENCES.

. . .

Besides their crazy, whacky looks, you’ll know you’re in the company of a YABUT once you ask them a question.
No matter what a YABUT says in response to your question, there’s ALWAYS a BIG, HUGE “BUT” on the end of it!

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