What Foul, Gross Breath You Have! by Timothy Stuetz

What Foul, Gross Breath You Have!

In this modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf experiences the consequences of the life-limiting habits of smoking and drinking.
In this fun, educational Tale, we see how some of children’s favorite Fairy Tale characters continue to teach them about behaviors--inappropriate as well as appropriate behaviors. 

What Foul, Gross Breath You Have Passage

The wolf jumped through a nearby window and was disappearing lickety-split, lickety- split deeper and deeper into the woods when he . . .
suddenly collapsed from a heart attack!  
Too many smokes, joints, and hot toddies had not only stained and pitted his teeth, grossed out his breath, and damaged the blood vessels in his eyes, they had weakened his heart!

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What Foul, Gross Breath You Have!
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