Welcome To Our Home by Timothy Stuetz

Welcome To Our Home

This Tale, filled with animal friends, provides songs to sing as you help your baby exercise before they begin crawling, walking, and playing on their own.
"Welcome To Our Home" also teaches us some amusing facts about how various animals breathe.

Welcome To Our Home Passage

Squiggly, wiggly, earthworms breathe through a thin film of oxygen-rich water on their skin.
Let’s pretend you’re a squiggly, wiggly worm for a moment.
I’ll help you squiggle and wiggle by gently holding your ankles and feet and ever so gently moving them from side to side.

(Repeat 9 or more times while smiling and singing):

Squiggly, wiggly do.
Squiggly, wiggly de.
So limber and free.

Squiggly, wiggly do.
Squiggly, wiggly de.
So loving and cuddly.
The only mammal that can breathe through its skin like an earthworm is the Julia Creek Dunnart, a small marsupial mouse.
It only breathes this way when it’s a baby like you.

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Welcome To Our Home
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