Vision Quest by Timothy Stuetz

Vision Quest

In “Vision Quest!” . . .  A Tale with an American Indian flavor, a delightful butterfly, miraculous rainbow, powerful snake and wise eagle teach children how to do their own modern day vision quest.

In “Vision Quest”, Children
Learn How To:
  • go inside for silent reflection 
  • take a break from the noise of electronic equipment and games 
  • develop the invisible as well as the visible aspects of themselves 
  • develop inner knowing and power 
  • appreciate the wonders of nature and their very own beings 
  • visualize and manifest what they desire 
  • discover and nurture their own unique Talents. 

Vision Quest Passage

“That’s another of life’s great secrets.” the wind whispered.

“The most powerful parts of you are invisible.

Your love is invisible.

It only becomes visible when you express it, just like I only become visible when I blow and make something else move.

Your thoughts are invisible too.

You can only see what they create.

Why, even your thoughts come from something that’s invisible- your mind!

And even your invisible mind comes from the . . .”

I never heard the wind’s next words.

They were drowned out by the screeching screams of a big bald eagle swooping straight towards me.

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Vision Quest
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