There's Only One You! by Timothy Stuetz

There's Only One You!

This Tale uses the Magic Mirror On The Wall from Snow White to show and give your children the experience that they are the FAIREST of ALL (along with everyone else) . . .
Show how they and everyone else has unique talents, gifts, and thoughts and . . .
Give them fun practices to really embody their full potential, their full love, and help others do the same.

There's Only One YOU Passage

But what if your mirror, your common everyday mirror you use for common everyday things like we just mentioned, really was a Magic Mirror?
What if your common everyday mirror could reflect back a priceless treasure?
Would you summon it like a slave as the Wicked Queen did?
Or would you politely ask for its assistance?
Would you like to be summoned like a slave or politely asked for your assistance?
What if we try: 
“Oh, Wise Wizard in my magic mirror, please come from the farthest space, through sparkling Universes of Love and Light, to speak with me.  

Come to share your wisdom as I gaze into thy Beloved Face.”
What do you think your Magic Mirror might reply?
Here’s what happened one very special day when I, Bliss Beary Bear, did just that.

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There's Only One You . . . Says The Magic Mirror!
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