The Watermelon Tree by Timothy Stuetz

The Watermelon Tree

As Bliss Beary Bear™ creatively shows how all animals, trees, etc. have been created perfectly for what they do, children learn that they too are perfect, just as they are, with unique strengths they can develop to co-create a harmonious world.

Watermelon Tree Passage

I hear so many people wishing they had different colored hair, curlier hair, darker skin, longer legs, shorter arms, a cuter nose, a thinner body, a heavier body, a deeper voice, pierced noses, tattooed skin, and on and on.
There seems to be no end to the changes people try to make, wishing they were like someone else.
Isn’t this just about as silly as a Polar Bear wishing to have the stripes of a Zebra or a Horse wishing for the jaws of an Alligator?
Just as there are an endless variety of animals, plants, and creatures, there are an endless variety of humans.
Each person is perfect, children!
You are perfect!

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The Watermelon Tree
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