The Very First Candy Cane by Timothy Stuetz

The Very First Candy Cane

In “The Very First Candy Cane” . . .

We see how Santa’s wish to create something that will bring love to even those who don’t believe in Santa Claus gets fulfilled and teaches us about . . .
  • trust,
  • intuition, 
  • patience,
  • teamwork,
  • not giving up
  • developing an idea into a product, and
  • finding the joy in playing and loving what we choose to do.

First Candy Cane Passage

As he kept delightfully playing, with no thought of creating anything special in mind, Santa suddenly found himself shaping this once puffy white cloud into a crooked-neck shepherd’s staff that was as long as he was tall.
Without a moment’s hesitation he again reached way up into the sky and dipped his fingers into the blazing red sunset.
He brought it down in front of his eyes and thought about licking it off his fingers like whip cream scooped up from a mixing bowl.
Instead, he twirled it round and round the white shepherd’s staff.
Now the staff was nothing but swirls of red and white.

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The Very First Candy Cane
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