The Treasure Chest Of Tears by Timothy Stuetz

The Treasure Chest Of Tears

A neighborhood foot race and a scraping fall provide the backdrop as Bliss Beary Bear™ shares the value and uses of water and tears.
  • Sickness, 
  • name calling, 
  • holding in feelings, 
  • and flowing with events you cannot change 
are some of the lessons highlighted in this Tale.

Treasure Chest Of Tears Passage

“Cry Babies!” I repeated to myself.

“Those children are hurt!

It’s only natural for them to cry!

Those tears are a call for help.

It’s about time Myrna, Walt, and Larry grew up and learned the value of tears.”
Streaming through the cosmos in the Blue Pearl Star Ship™, I was on that street faster than a tear can trace a trail from your eyes to your chin.
“Did I hear the words ‘Sissies’ and ‘Cry Babies’ down here?” I questioned.
Startled at my sudden appearance, a hush fell over everyone.
Only the crying of Cindy and Peter could be heard against the background of the neighborhood noise.
“Come closer.” I motioned.

“I want to talk to those of you who think crying is something to be made fun of.”

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The Treasure Chest Of Tears
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