The Power Of Words by Timothy Stuetz

The Power Of Words

In “The Power Of Words” . . .  A Tale about a little boy who loves to sing, we learn how words have the power to heal or destroy, about courage and helping others, and how one should believe in and never give up on them self.

Power Of Words Passage

Decades of silence burst like thunder from storm clouds!
As they sang together, Jonathan realized, 

“Birds sing and sing.

They don’t care what they sound like!

They don’t compete!

They just sing for joy.

They don’t care what other birds think of their singing!

I’ll never stop singing!

No matter who hassles me!

Look at the hassle crows take from those pesky mockingbirds!

I’m free!

I’m free!

I’m finally free!

I’m me!”

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The Power Of Words
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