The Pillow Fairy by Timothy Stuetz

The Pillow Fairy

Misty travels to the Magic Lands with her own special Pillow Fairy who reveals the beauty and magic of sleep and the treasures hidden within this special time.
Lessons on . . . 
  • inner power, love, connectedness to others and all life,
  • the mysteries of life, and so much more
. . . emerge in this Magical Tale.

Pillow Fairy Passage

“How do you get your assignments?” Misty asked.
“Well,” Precious began, “every day, just before the sun rises to warm and nourish the children, plants, and animals of Earth, all fairies return to the Fairy Star hovering in line to get their own special assignment or job.

And if you think hummingbirds move their wings fast, zipping from flower to flower, they look like turtles compared to the flight of fairies.

A hovering fairy is faster than a flash of lightning!”
“You sure are fast!” Misty agreed.

“But what’s a fairy’s favorite job?”

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The Pillow Fairy
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