The Mystery of Santa Claus by Timothy Stuetz

The Mystery of Santa Claus

Delight in the adventures of Teddy Bear and Snow Queen as a precocious Bengal kitten tries to convince her Golden Retriever brother that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. 

Everyone, especially those with brothers and sisters, will be amused by the back and forth banter and twists and turns in this beautiful story.

Mystery of Santa Passage

All of a sudden Teddy got a sick feeling in his stomach as he thought to himself . . . 

Usually, when Snow Queen says she has ‘everything figured out,’ we get into a lot of trouble.  

A whole lot of trouble!  

Cats are so mischievous—and Bengal Cats are even more mischievous than mischievous! 

Snow Queen continued: “You’ll stand guard over the Christmas cookies and milk while I take a nice long nap on this beautiful, soft and comfy couch.  And then you . . .” 

Before Snow Queen could finish, Teddy interrupted, “You know we’re not allowed on the couch. I can’t believe you’re being naughty on Christmas Eve.” 

“Quit worrying and let me finish.” Snow Queen snipped.  

“When you think you hear Santa, his reindeer or even sleigh bells, you wake me up immediately and we’ll run back to bed and pretend to be sound asleep.  

If there is a Santa, he’ll come in, eat the Christmas cookies, drink the milk and take the carrots to his reindeer.”  

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The Mystery of Santa Claus
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