The Mobile That Stopped Dancing by Timothy Stuetz

The Mobile That Stopped Dancing

This Tale follows the journey of a Touching Hearts Mobile™ from its birth in an assembly plant to its new home at Rick and Jean’s.
Lessons along the way about . . .
  • money,
  • changes,
  • controlling,
  • the value of asking,
  • loving your work or service, and
  • respecting the uniqueness of all people.

Life can dance like a free-floating mobile but, when we try to control and change things, life becomes a tangled mess like a mobile caught in a heavy wind!

Mobile Passage

She said, “Every human being is a unique creation—just like each of these hearts on the mobile.
And when human beings live, play, and work together, respecting each others’ unique traits, characteristics, gifts, and personalities, they dance through life—just as the TOUCHING HEARTS MOBILE dances.
But when people start trying to control and change each other, they get all tangled up with one another—just like the strings holding these hearts—

Then, the dancing stops!

The flow of life loses its rhythm.”

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The Mobile That Stopped Dancing
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