The Golden Treasure Chest by Timothy Stuetz

The Golden Treasure Chest

The Golden Treasure Chest . . .
is a continuation of the Tale 
“A Birthday Wish!”
It brings forth more exercises using sound and movement, as well as
lessons on sibling interactions, blaming others instead of taking personal responsibility, making fun of others or things we don’t understand, caring about others feelings, tolerance, the many causes of poor breathing, breathing to thrive instead of survive, and using breathing as a doorway to imagination, success & happiness.
The Golden Treasure Chest also contains twelve fun exercises, games and songs that easily and naturally enhance children’s breathing capacity and helps them fully develop their bodies and minds.
This GOLDEN Treasure Chest of fun exercises, games and songs was developed by international breathing expert Nancy Zi and includes helpful sidebar information for parents 
and educators.

Golden Treasure Chest Passage

After pondering the Wizard’s words a few moments, Greg conceded, “Well, maybe I owe you one there.  But I usually don’t need help breathing.  I breathe good enough to stay alive.”
“Yes, you do breathe good enough to stay alive.” The Wizard agreed again.

“But you don’t breathe good enough to ‘THRIVE’.

Your breath is shallow.

This can cause all sorts of diseases and keeps you from being the best at everything you do.”
“Now, you’re the one teasing!” Greg challenged, still not buying into the Wizard’s advice.
Seeing that Greg needed something more than words to be convinced, the Wizard snapped his fingers and Greg found himself watching a movie play on the inner screen of his closed eyelids.
One by one he saw all his friends, and even kids he didn’t know yet, from the neighborhood and school doing the things they liked to do best.

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The Golden Treasure Chest
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