The Gift Of Life by Timothy Stuetz

The Gift Of Life

In “The Gift Of Life” . . .

A mischievous young boy, bent on “getting even” with his sister, suddenly finds himself leaving his body on a curve within the darkness of Disneyland’s Space Mountain Ride.
From a much higher perspective, he learns some "not-so-wanted" lessons about . . .
  • love,
  • sharing,
  • teasing,
  • cooperation, and
  • the purpose of human birth.

Gift Of Life Passage

“Share! Share!  That’s all I hear. And that Sarah.  What a crybaby! I’ll show her!  Just wait till tomorrow.  I’ll get even with her.” Matthew thought, as he waited for his mother to announce the end of their ten minute “cooling off” period.
“She likes to cry! I’ll give her something to cry about. I’ll scare her to death at Disneyland tomorrow.”
“Just wait till we’re on that Space Mountain ride!

It’s dark in there! 

Just wait!

And no one will know!


This will be a June day she’ll never forget.”
Instead of repeating his mother’s words about sharing to himself, Matt was busy plotting to get even.
His anger prevented him from seeing that he might be wrong.

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The Gift Of Life
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