The Eyes of Children by Timothy Stuetz

The Eyes of Children

It’s so easy to get up day after day, doing the things we do over and over, without pausing to question, what are we doing. 

Is everything I do really in my best interest?  

My child’s best interest? 

My family’s best interest?  

This Tale reminds us to stop and question why we do things to see if there may be a more nurturing choice to make.

It's written for Parents and Older Children!

Eyes Of Children Passage

What do your children See?
What do your children Hear?
What do your children Smell?
What do your children Taste?
What do your children Feel?
The eyes, ears, nostrils, tongues and skin are Gateways to a Child’s Kingdom—their body, brain, mind, heart and soul.
. . . 

. . . 

These Gateways need to be Guarded and Protected.
You are the Guardian and Protector of Your Children’s Kingdoms.

What . . .

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The Eyes of Children
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