The Eternal Sphere Of Love by Timothy Stuetz

The Eternal Sphere Of Love

Every night before bed a young girl would marvel at the stars and wonder how they were created, how the sun and other wonders of the world were created, and what life is really all about.  
She also wondered why there was so much conflict in the world.  
One day, on the way home from school, all her questions are answered in a remarkable way.
This Tale contains lessons on
  • intuition,
  • not giving up,
  • the wonders of the world about,
  • really feeling good about our self,
  • and starting from any point to accomplish or be anything.

Sphere Of Love Passage

Suddenly she felt the vibration   rush right beneath where she was standing.
The vibration rose right up out of the riverbed and into her feet, shaking her legs, torso, arms, and head.
Carol’s whole body shook as the vibration passed.
Still shaking, she turned her head to follow it.
Just a few feet from where she stood, the ground exploded into a waterfall of sand.
Leaping out of the dry, old riverbed amidst a spray of water were three magnificent dolphins.
Carol was starstruck!
As she stared in wonderment and disbelief, a voice that seemed to come from nowhere but be everywhere proclaimed:

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The Eternal Sphere Of Love
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