The Christmas Starlight by Timothy Stuetz

The Christmas Starlight

This heart-warming, inspiring Christmas story will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart for many Christmas’ to come.
What appears to be a burnt out Christmas bulb provides lessons on . . .
  • hurt feelings,
  • sharing feelings,
  • being inquisitive,
  • experiencing life with the joy of a child,
  • letting go of agendas when they no longer serve us,
  • taking time to be in the moment with our children, and
  • how each person can see something different in the same object.

Christmas Starlight Passage

As she peeked inside, her eyes opened wide, a smile spread across her lips, her breath gasped in awe, and every cell of her body tingled in happy delight.
Smiling, no grinning, as she closed the lid and took her very own little treasure chest to the checkout counter, Amanda asked, “How much is this Christmas light?”
“What Christmas light, dear?” the clerk replied.

"This dusty old box contains nothing but a burned out Christmas bulb.”
“See!” she said, opening the box  or Amanda to see.

“Nothing but a single burned out Christmas bulb!”

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The Christmas Starlight
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