The Cave Of Silence by Timothy Stuetz

The Cave Of Silence

Prowl the jungle with Leela the Leopard™ as she hunts for food in the later years of her life and comes across three amazingly hilarious monkeys, a boa and a unicorn that turn her whole life upside down and inside out.
Lessons In This Humorous Tale Include:
  • Love, 
  • Curiosity, 
  • Gratitude, 
  • Making Decisions, 
  • Dealing With Anger,
  • The Power of Thought, 
  • Focusing One’s Thoughts,
  • The Beauty of All Creatures,
  • Being Open to New Experiences,
  • The Transformational Power of Music and Singing,
  • and MUCH MORE.

The Cave Of Silence Passage

Staring straight at these creatures (Leela was no longer sure they were monkeys at all), Leela’s mind stopped.
Whatever these creatures were, they had abilities and qualities she had never seen before.
In a voice more tender than the voice her mother used to lullaby her to sleep as a cub, Leela asked, “Please teach me how to hear that which I cannot hear, see that which I cannot see, and to speak with eyes so full of love.”
“Go to the Cave of Silence!” came the first reply.
“It is there you will learn!” came the next.
"Don’t DELAY!” shouted the last.
“But I want you to teach me!” Leela argued.
“NO!” barked one of the monkeys. “Our job is done! Be on your way! Scram . . .”

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The Cave of Silence
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