The Ballad Of The Bees Bundle by Timothy Stuetz

The Ballad Of The Bees Bundle

This may be the most beautiful and inspirational combination of audio and visual storytelling ever!

Enjoying the pictures and poetry of the colorfully illustrated storybook, while listening to the BEElightful Bee Voices of Shondra Jepperson and Magical Music of Michael Kollwitz, will leave your children and you in WONDER!

Younger children can even learn to read as they follow along, matching the written words with the spoken words.

And there's MORE . . .

The HAPPIEST BEE SONGS ever to sing along with!  Songs you and children will be singing over and over again . . . they are THAT HAPPY!

As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .
"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings."

What's included?

The Ballad Of The Bees--A Fully Illustrated Storybook

A beautifully illustrated book of poetic playfulness & bright colors that helps children of all ages appreciate the wonders & gifts of bees!
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The Ballad Of The Bees Audio Book with Bee Bee Jubilee Songs

As your children create  their own busy, buzzy bee voices or sing & dance to the bouncy, inspiring melody of “The Bee Bee Jubilee”, they ...
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