The Ballad Of The Bees--A Fully Illustrated Storybook by Timothy Stuetz

The Ballad Of The Bees--A Fully Illustrated Storybook

"The Ballad of The Bees" is a beautifully illustrated book of poetic playfulness and bright, vivid colors for children of all ages that helps them appreciate, understand, and be aware of the vital role bees play in the web of life, pollinating and providing all of us with our favorite fruits, nuts and veggies.
There are no other bee books like it . . . it uniquely and creatively weaves information about bees with ways for children and their families to live happy, healthy and successful lives. 

It is Joyfully Inspiring!
As Dr. Pravin Patel said . . .
"Honestly, it's not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings."

If you would enjoy a hard copy of this BeeLightFul Book ($16.95), please CLICK HERE!

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