The Adventures of Wet Wiley by Timothy Stuetz

The Adventures of Wet Wiley

The amusing adventures of an adventurous snowflake who falls peacefully from the sky, rests atop a mountain, and then suddenly starts melting . . . a process that takes it on an adventure of learning about helping others, uses of water, self awareness, beliefs and letting go of the past.

Do you know what happens in rain clouds just before it rains?  

You're about to find out!

Wet Wiley Passage

But his wondering was suddenly cut short!
Wiley couldn’t believe his eyes!
He was being lifted to the top of a towering wave.
With no place to go but down into the sand, Wiley screamed, “HELP!”
But it was too late!
It was worse than toppling down the waterfall.
Forced down, slammed down into grains of coarse sand!
“Ouch!” he cried out.
“Ugh!” he moaned, dazed from being pummeled into the shoreline.
As he regained his senses, Wiley let out a thunderous cry.
“That’s it!  I’m tired of being water!

I want to be something GREA…”

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The Adventures of Wet Wiley
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