Tales To Empower Breathing

A Birthday WISH!

The give and take, sometimes quarrelsome interactions between a brother and sister duo set the stage for a magical celebration of . . .
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Dear Mommy & Daddy

This Tale, told from the standpoint of a child within the womb, helps expectant and new parents enhance their child's breathing and .....
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Famous Villains

Given clues along the way, children try to figure out who may be the most dangerous, diabolical Villain of all time (fictional or not) . . .
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God's Gift Of BREATH

This delightful Tale has fun and ever so easy to do breathing games & exercises for children ages 2 - 6, actions to nurture the wondrous....
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The Golden Treasure Chest

A treasure chest of exercises using sound & movement, with lessons on sibling rivalry, blaming, teasing, caring for others, feelings and...
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The Power Of Choice Coloring Book

This Coloring Book, filled with magic, wizards and rhymes, and written for California's Tobacco Education Program empowers children to . . .
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Vision Quest

A delightful butterfly, miraculous rainbow, powerful snake and wise eagle teach children empowerment exercises, values & how to do their....
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Welcome To Our Home

Filled with rhymes & amusing facts on how various animals breathe, this Tale has exercises for your baby before they crawl, walk or play....
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Empowered Breathing Bundle--8 Tales

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My child and even my parents and husband have a hard time breathing. Can any of your Fairy Tales help with this?

While it may be advisable to consult a physician for any medical problem and we do not offer any advice or suggestions related to any physical, mental or emotional challenges, people may be facing . . .

Our Breathing Tales Provide You With Information and Tools To Empower Your Children and the Children You Care For Right From the Start Before They are Even Born.
As newborn babies we were all deep breathers.
Sometime, somewhere, somehow, however, some stressor silently crept into our lives and stole this natural ability.
As a result, most of us have become shallow breathers.
Reclaiming Our Own Natural Ability to Breathe  Deeply & Fully Is of Immense Importance!
Teaching our children and relearning ourselves how to breathe correctly, consciously & regularly— just like we eat & drink—is vital to fully nourishing body,  mind and spirit.
While our brain and other organs, muscles and other tissues, get enough oxygen to survive, they definitely do not get enough oxygen to thrive.
Deep Breathers, On the Other Hand, Get Enough Oxygen to:
  •  Sleep Well 
  •  Cool Raging    Emotions 
  • Think Clearly and Make Good Decisions 
  • Continually Fan Their Fire of Enthusiasm 
  • Achieve Their Maximum Potential In All Areas of Life 
  • Fully Develop Their Bodies and Keep Them Very, Very Healthy 
  • Fuel Their Muscles So They Can Exercise, Play & Compete at Peak Levels. 

Our Breathing Tales Contain Exercises that Teach Young Children, Or Even the Not So Young, to Breathe Effectively.
By Reading Our Breathing Tales and Practicing the Exercises Over and Over Again With Your Children, You’ll Observe The Truly Valuable End Results of Your Child  Gaining The Ability to Take Deep Abdominal Breaths Effortlessly:
  • Being Centered and Powerful 
  • Unlimited Chi or Life Force Energy
  •  A Sustained Flow of Energy Rich Oxygen 
  • Enhanced Mental and Physical Capabilities 
You Will Be Empowering Your Children With Abilities That Will Last Them a Lifetime!
Abilities they will pass on to their children!
With over 30 years of experience as a master teacher of various forms of yoga, t’ai chi, qigong, and meditation, I know that a regular use of the material  presented in these Breathing Tales will yield a treasure chest of riches!
For additional commentary on the multitude of benefits deep breathing will bring your children, please see our please see our Blog on Deep Breathing.