Super Charge Your Energy

A Birthday WISH!

The give and take, sometimes quarrelsome interactions between a brother and sister duo set the stage for a magical celebration of . . .
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Famous Villains

Given clues along the way, children try to figure out who may be the most dangerous, diabolical Villain of all time (fictional or not) . . .
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MONSTERS BEWARE--The Power Animals Are Here!

This transformational Tale humorously teaches how to recognize and combat some very real monsters . . . Fear, Envy, Anger, Laziness & More!
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The Golden Treasure Chest

A treasure chest of exercises using sound & movement, with lessons on sibling rivalry, blaming, teasing, caring for others, feelings and...
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The Mysterious, Magical Button!

This delightful Tale shows children the uses of buttons in everyday life and how they have their own Magical Button within their own body!
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There's Only One You!

This Tale uses the Magic Mirror On The Wall from Snow White to show and give your children the experience that they are the FAIREST of ALL!
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You R The World's Greatest Magician!

Woven within this inspirational Tale are simple, fun exercises for children to become the World’s Greatest Magician—able to create joy.....
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Vision Quest

A delightful butterfly, miraculous rainbow, powerful snake and wise eagle teach children empowerment exercises, values & how to do their....
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Super Charge Your Energy Bundle--8 Fairy Tales

The fun, educational & life enhancing practices weaved within these Tales will energize your body & mind while making your heart & soul SOAR
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