Timeless values

Spellbinding Stories with Heroes , Heroines and Creative Characters your child will identify with to develop core values, conquer challenges, discover their own uniqueness and understand their rapidly changing life.

 as Albert Einstein said,

“If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.  If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”

as I say,

"If you want your children to achieve their FULL "BRILLIANT" POTENTIAL in Body, Mind, Heart & Soul, tell them Fairy Tales Of The Heart!"

Hello Boys & Girls of All Ages!

Zooming to you from The Great Bear Constellation in my Blue Pearl Star Ship, my Fairy Tales Of The Heart weave myth and mystery, fantasy and reality, poetry and proven Principles of Child Development into heart-warming, educational and entertaining experiences for children of all ages—even grown ups enjoy reading them!

They help develop your mind, creativity, social skills, self-esteem and natural gifts & talents.



Why did you create Fairy Tales Of The Heart?

As a Master Storyteller, I created Bliss Beary Bear and over 70 Fairy Tales of The Heart to empower you and your children . . . to enhance your brilliance and abilities to succeed in whatever brings you joy.  

This Anthology of fun, educational, life-enhancing Tales is imbued with love, wisdom, knowledge, and blessings that WILL transform your lives!  You will feel like a beautiful bright butterfly emerging from a cocoon as you finish each Tale.

They are suitable for children of all ages, parents and caretakers of children, psychologists and other professionals working with children and adults who want to embrace their inner child, and are designed to be read to young children starting with the 5th month in the womb.

The inspiration and ideas for Fairy Tales of The Heart have arisen from my daughter; my mom; friends, family, teachers and other loved ones; the kitties that have graced my life; nature; meditation and prayer; my experiences of the wonders and magic of life; and that "inner spark" we all have!

Is there a way we can share these Fabulous Fairy Tales with others?


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THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us spread the HUMOR, LOVE & TIMELESS WISDOM that are Fairy Tales Of The Heart!

What are some of the benefits of these specific Fairy Tales?

The very gifted and creative genius Albert Einstein said,
 “If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them Fairy Tales.  If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more Fairy Tales.”
Our original "Fairy Tales of The Heart" stimulate your child’s creative abilities in the most powerful way storybooks can!
They allow your child to“fully exercise” their infinite imagination and brilliant mind by creating their own picture of what’s happening on a page.

Fairy Tales of The Heart Are Far More Than Children’s Storybooks!  
They are designed to enhance your child’s brilliance and overall development in proven, time-tested ways!
Numerous research studies and child development experts have proven that reading Fairy Tales
to your child develops their brilliance in numerous ways, including Enhanced . . . 
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Intelligence
  • Self Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Development
  • Social Skills 
That’s why every facet of these very unique Fairy Tales has been carefully cut, smoothed and polished like a brilliant diamond—to help you stimulate and strengthen all  these aspects of your child’s development—your child’s brilliance!

The Words Used, Their Tone, Sentence Structures, Illustrations, Review Questions and "Absence of Violence"—Are Designed to Expand Your Child’s Infinite Imagination, Brilliant Mind and Full Potential.

Why are the Fairy Tales all priced the same?

While the Fairy Tales vary in length, some under 20 pages and some over 75 pages, each is a priceless treasure.  Each worth far more than any per page value that could be assigned.

Please see directly below for the Proven Benefits of these incomparable Fairy Tales.

Each is unique, as are your children, and each Fairy Tale will bring unique gifts to each reader and listener.

The Fairy Tales are priced affordably for everyone and THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS for purchasing the BUNDLES.

Every purchase supports our non profit organization, helping children and families since 1986.

I understand that CREATIVITY is a foundation for a Child's future success. How will these Fairy Tales help my child's CREATIVITY?

heads the lists of proven, profound, long-term benefits because research clearly shows creative children more easily meet life’s challenges  and enjoy more successful lives.
Fairy Tales of The Heart stimulates your child’s creative abilities in the most powerful way a storybook can!  

They allow your child to “fully exercise” their infinite imagination and brilliant mind by creating their own picture of what’s happening on a page.

According to Child Development Experts, This Interactive Combination IS Storytelling At Its Finest!
Joseph C. Pierce, internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and expert on child development, tells us:
“Once toddlers hear those magical words, ‘Once upon a time,’ their wide-open eyes,  riveted on the storyteller, see nothing without—their seeing is entirely within for within, the creative process of the child’s brain forms pictures, images that give reality, substance, and life to the vibratory stimulus of the words.  This ‘learned ability to create internal images’ is one of nature’s highest achievements.” The more imagination a child has, the more options he or she has for solving problems and . . .”

You can assist this creative learning process by asking your child what they see happening in their imaginations on each page and inviting them to express their creativity on paper.  You can express yours also! 

Besides stimulating my child's CREATIVITY, what else will they RECEIVE from reading or listening to Fairy Tales Of The Heart?

In addition to igniting your child’s creative imagination, the values and life lessons herein are timeless and cross all age boundaries. 

Down-to-earth explanations,  poetry, the wonders of Nature and the Universe, timeless wisdom, love and fantasy are used to assist children of all ages in exploring their uniqueness, resolving conflicts and situations with peace and uncovering the golden treasures of life.

I would love to understand my children on a deeper level. Will these Fairy Tales help?

These timeless Fairy Tales of The Heart are also noninvasive and can provide insights into the feelings and mind-workings of children. 
They are a synthesis of fantasy and reality, heaven and earth, the mysterious and the concrete that inspire everyone to look for the freshness, the love, in all situations—to create win-win situations. 
Psychologist Richard Landis states:
“If we tell children what they should or shouldn’t do, it doesn’t have as much impact on them as a story because a story builds in the experience. If the story’s told well, the child experiences the story.  It’s a way of teaching them about life.”

The questions at the end are also designed to teach your child about life and reinforce the values and messages in the Fairy Tales. They help stimulate conversations with your child that can reveal things near and dear to their heart. How they feel  about and respond to the characters and situations presented in the stories can reveal how they feel in general.  
You can use insights gained by paying attention to what words and descriptions spark their imaginations and what aspects of the Tale they keep talking about or imitate in their play to further guide your child’s development.
As you discuss these Fairy Tales together, you may also discover that each of you have different viewpoints or inspirations. This will help your child understand that everybody sees things a little differently.  We can all learn from one another and we can openly embrace different viewpoints.

How can these Fairy Tales Of The Heart help my children navigate this fast-paced world we live in?

These Contemporary Fairy Tales Help Your Child Understand The World Around Them—Why Parents and Peers Do Things.  How Things Work—Get Done.
We live in a Cyber-Space Age where are dealing with far more and rapidly changing information and sensory input than ever before.  Fairy Tales of the Heart assists in this learning process on a very practical level as problem solving, decision-making, explanations and personal achievement
Every time you read a Fairy Tale of the Heart to your child they develop their imagination, listen attentively, create and strengthen neural synapses and learn the proper use of language and how to visualize—skills that will benefit them throughout life!

Fairy Tales of the Heart Also Foster Your Child’s Brilliance and Development
Through Fantasy and Myth!

Children historically incorporate heroes into their play. The heroes and heroines in these creative Fairy Tales are powerful and proven vehicles for teaching, sharing values and discovering one’s own unique talents and self worth.
Award winning children’s author and educator Joan Aiken states:
“A child needs myth to give them a blueprint for behavior and to strengthen their imagination.  Imagination is a necessary faculty and modern living gives it little to feed on.  Myth-type stories furnish three basic ingredients: 
  • reassurance,
  •  emotion, and
  •  mystery.”

When is THE BEST TIME to START a READING PROGRAM for my children?

Research on early brain development shows that babies and toddlers have a critical need for direct interactions with parents and significant caregivers, leading to healthy brain growth and development of appropriate social, emotional and cognitive skills. 

This brain growth and development STARTS BEFORE BIRTH!

Starting a Family Reading Program Even Before a Child’s Birth Is Crucial To Their Development and Success In Life.
Swiss biologist and psychologist, Jean Piaget, says,
“The newborn infant must construct its knowledge of the world, must build up neural patterns in the brain by which its world picture and capacity of response to that picture form.  This ‘construction of knowledge’ actually begins somewhere around the fifth natal month.”
Isn’t That Simply Amazing!

The loving vibrations of mom’s voice as she reads loving stories like Fairy Tales of The Heart to her child, nestled in the womb, have an immeasurable impact on her child’s life!

My children like to hear or read the same story OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Do you know why? Sometimes I just want to read them a new story!

One of the things I noticed when reading to my daughter Melanie was that she liked to  hear the same story over and over again. At the time, I didn’t know why but I honored her wishes—even though some of the stories were not ones I enjoyed reading repeatedly.  Now that I know WHY she intuitively wanted to hear them over and over, I encourage all parents, grandparents and caregivers to read our Fairy Tales over and over again!
Joseph C. Pierce explains this . . .
“Why does the child want to hear the same story over and over ad nausea? New neural fields are involved in creating the inner image stimuli each new story stimulates. These fields must be stabilized as permanent and repetition brings about the permanency.”

My child and even my parents and husband have a hard time breathing. Can any of your Fairy Tales help with this?

Our Breathing Tales Provide You With Information and Tools To Empower Your Children and the Children You Care For Right From the Start Before They are Even Born.
As newborn babies we were all deep breathers.
Sometime, somewhere, somehow, however, some stressor silently crept into our lives and stole this natural ability.
As a result, most of us have become shallow breathers.
Reclaiming Our Own Natural Ability to Breathe  Deeply & Fully Is of Immense Importance!

Our Breathing Tales Contain Exercises that Teach Young Children, Or Even the Not So Young, to Breathe Effectively.
By Reading Our Breathing Tales and Practicing the Exercises Over and Over Again With Your Children, You’ll Observe The Truly Valuable End Results of Your Child  Gaining The Ability to Take Deep Abdominal Breaths Effortlessly:
  • Being Centered and Powerful 
  • Unlimited Chi or Life Force Energy
  •  A Sustained Flow of Energy Rich Oxygen 
  • Enhanced Mental and Physical Capabilities 
You Will Be Empowering Your Children With Abilities That Will Last Them a Lifetime!
Abilities they will pass on to their children!

To see and gift your children and yourself with Bliss Beary Bear's Breathtaking Breathing Tales, please click here--Tales To Empower Breathing.
For additional commentary on the multitude of benefits deep breathing will bring your children, please see our Blog on Deep Breathing.

What age ranges are Fairy Tales Of The Heart best suited?

Bliss Beary Bear's Fairy Tales of The Heart are Truly for Children of All Ages!  

They provide older readers with a launching pad to blast off into their own universe of unlimited creativity. 

They help adults unlock buried treasures and mysteries from their own childhood—to go beyond programmed beliefs and concepts to being an expression of their own unique and full potential.

A Sample of The Testimonials We Have Received Along With Testimonials of Doctors
Don Jose Ruiz, Shaman and Author, including The Fifth Agreement

What an inspiration for everyone.  The bees show us all how to treat and honor Mother Earth in the way they treat and honor their Queen. Thank you Brother for writing this."

L.R., ELA Coach/Trainer, Cherry Creek Schools, Student Achievement Services

“This is a letter of celebration on behalf of Timothy Stuetz and it is my pleasure to recommend Timothy’s highly creative children’s books.  They are cleverly crafted to entertain as well as educate.

Four years ago a group of my 4th and 5th grade English Language Learners read and discussed Timothy’s fine books.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the imaginative stories, witty dialogue and lively illustrations.

When I shared the books with colleagues, they were likewise impressed by Timothy’s creative presentations of meaningful topics.

It is my hope as a former teacher and currently an English Language Acquisition Coach/Trainer of teachers, that Timothy Stuetz’s books will be widely circulated and enjoyed by students throughout the country.” 

Dr. D.S., M.D.

“Fairy Tales of the Heart is . . . a series of heart felt stories that reconnect adults and children to the magic and wonder of life.

These are modern day stories that transport adults to their inner child and stimulate creative imagination in children.

The potential application of these stories in parent/child relationship as well as in adult inner-child work is unlimited.

As a holistic physician who sees so much of the pain of our forgotten selves, I highly recommend this series as a first step in reconnecting to the magic, wonder, and deep meaning in your own unique life!”   

G. B., Former Elementary School Principal, National PTA Outstanding Educator of the Year  

“TO ALL PARENTS, Bliss Beary Bear comes to you in truth and love—the pen of your very own hearts. Our children are special gifts—innocent gifts. The gifts of our future. They absorb everything they see and hear.

Just as a sponge releases the same water it soaks up, your actions and words will one day be released by your children. Bliss Beary Bear’s Tales of the Heart are droplets of love. Shower your children with them.

The love and practical lessons weaved throughout the Tales will be absorbed and ultimately released as smiles, laughter, caring and a tremendous sense of self-worth.

Dive in yourself! Let the child within you enjoy the cosmic fantasy with which values are shared.

Delight as Bliss Beary Bear explores and resolves the practical situations we’ve all faced in one form or another.
For the children— ”

J. J. S., Attorney at Law, Children’s Educator, Teacher

“There is a bear most everywhere—real or make believe. In the wild—as wild as can be. In zoos—where they probably don’t want to be.
They are in movies, stories, commercials, books and cartoons.

But whether real or fiction, they all have adventurous stories to tell for listener and reader alike.

These may be stories of happiness, sadness, or both—but whatever you read or hear, will make you a part of the adventures near and far of bears everywhere.

Some of their deeds are magical, others may be mystical and still others outright whimsical.

Whether real or make believe, in your mind or in your heart, there exists for everyone an everywhere bear that shares stories of love and care.

For me it is Bliss Beary Bear and it may be for you too.

But the name is not as important as the stories shared and, any name you might call this bear of everywhere, will be as special as you!

So here to share are Bliss Beary Bear’s Tales of love and care.”

Dr. Patel, Ayurvedic Physician 

“I not only read but felt the whole poem. It was so wonderful and I’m so impressed with it. Honestly, it’s not just a poem but kind of great inspiration for all human beings.”

Marjorie S.

"Yes, Yes . . . tales and pictures to stimulate the hearts and minds of our future leaders of our globe.

As a ventriloquist, teacher, producer, poet and spirit who has learned my lessons from the wee ones, I will support your work and philosophy to the fullest.

Thanks and gratitude, dear hearts." 

Linda G., Children’s Book Author, Educator and Life Coach

“It was a delight to meet Poet Bear.  The theme of moderation was well communicated without sounding preachy.”

Registered Nurse, Senior Citizen, Oregon

“I have done tai chi years ago but then life got busy.  So, when I saw the Power Animal Frolic DVD, I decided to try it. The costumes are amazing which made it easy to follow and I felt energy moving through my body in just a short time.

I have shared it with my niece to use with her 5-year old son with autism.  I have recommended it to many of our patients that come to our medical practice.”

A Mother’s Testimonial

“Unique, wish there was more t’ai chi and yoga for kids out there.   3-yr old daughter LOVES this.  I think she likes the animal costumes. We’ll do the T’ai Chi together.”

S. O., Anaheim, CA

“I got these for my grandchildren (2 sets) a couple of years ago and they are still using them. 

At first, every once in a while, one of the children would be an animal – and this could last for a week or more – doing the graceful motions of that animal over and over – now they are making up story dances of animals and their moves and use the tape for reference.

One happy Grannie – that’s me!"

Saba Moor-Doucette, Producer Power Animal Frolics

“Working with Timothy on the Power Animal Frolics was a wonderful experience for me. 

Most of the children we used were my friends’ children. They were so taken by the teaching through the animals that they actually paid attention–even at the early ages of 3 – 11. They really enjoyed themselves–so much so, they keep up the practice to this day.

I feel when young children are introduced to this practice of Tai chi and Qigong they not only get a complete physical work out, it also helps to mold their behavior into more peaceful, thoughtful, caring and loving teens and adults.

Plus the videos are something that parents can do along with their children–without even leaving their homes.
One of my friends even formed a play date Power Animal Frolics party.  Everyone had so much fun they decided to continue once a week.

My accolades of the benefits from Power Animals Frolics can go on forever.  Every household with kids should have the DVD.”

MWS, Schmitt Elementary School Teacher

“My students LOVE doing the t’ai chi and keep asking for more!  We do it the last 10 minutes of class, before they go to recess, and everyone is so calm and happy! (especially me!) 

The kids love the costumes and the gentle presentations.
Another teacher has expressed an interest in the DVD so I’m going to let her see it. She teaches kindergarten and does yoga with her little ones.”

Conference Chairperson

 “Timothy, the participants were so deeply touched by your quiet and strong gentleness, by the wisdom that clearly manifests from your eyes and your body and by the deep content knowledge you possess. Thank you for giving us your time and for sharing your spirit.”

Anonymous Nurse

“Outstanding—enlightening—stress reliever.  Kaiser Permanente Hospital should promote this T’ai Chi class through their medical staff.”

Rachel, Nurse
“Your creative T’ai Chi has changed my life from being physically imbalanced to being able to walk with certainty. It has also given balance to my psychological and emotional. I feel like a whole new person. Thank you for introducing it into my life.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed your Qigong class. I am not athletic in any sense of the word, but this class was a form of discipline and exercise I truly enjoyed. You are a great teacher. And thanks for all the additional subject matter you shared like the music and negative energy blockers, etc. Your class was most rewarding. I look forward to taking other classes from you in the future.

Kudos to you . . .”


Dr. M. Oz

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. Yoga is the most important exercise of my daily routine.”   

Dr. Kenneth Sancier

“The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself.”

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