Power Animal Pals by Timothy Stuetz

Power Animal Pals

In this lighthearted Tale, Bliss Beary Bear™ puts out an Inter Galactic want ad for Power Animals to come and share their secret powers with Earth’s children to help them develop into healthy, happy, prosperous adults.
It teaches children how to become their very own Power Animal, a master of whatever they love—
  • arts,
  • sports,
  • singing,
  • dancing,
  • creating,
  • studying,
  • computers,
  • entertaining, 
  • or anything else.

It teaches them how to focus when taking a test, relax when facing a challenge, and stay positive when things don’t go as expected.
It shows them how to be as healthy and playful as a strong, alert, and powerful animal living in its natural environment.

Power Animal Pals Passage

I could have never imagined the response I was going to get from that one little ad sent out over the Intergalactic Cosmic Airnet!
Animals from galaxies far and near replied.
From the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, came replies from snappy Allihorses, teeny  Andromeres, and giant Ardaphants.
Voracious Mageaters, Soaring Cloud Hoppers, bright colored Magellanic Cookiecakes were among the many applicants from the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud Galaxies.
The Sombrero Galaxy, M104, was well represented by Swirling Lizard Fish, Crazy Hat Birds, and pesky Saucer Flies.
Spinning Kangas, the Wild Hairless Wookies . . .

What's included?

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Power Animal Pals
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