Power Animal Frolics by Timothy Stuetz

Power Animal Frolics

Yoga / T'ai Chi / Qigong For Children of ALL Ages!
Developing Children's Bodies, Minds, Hearts & Talents Through Fun, Healthy, Entertaining Play! 
This IS the Best Yoga / Qigong / T'ai Chi Program
for Children Available! 

The BEST $15 you'll ever invest for a LIFETIME of HEALTH and other REWARDS!
A Failing 5th Grade Student said, “I do just what you said when I don’t remember the answer.  I sit very still, focus on the energy ball in my stomach, take 5 breaths, and then, I know the answer.” 


A Creative Synthesis of the World's Most Popular Exercises . . .

Featuring Six of the Famous Mayo Clinic's TOP 10
Complimentary Medical Treatments:
  • Yoga
  • T'ai Chi
  • Guided Imagery
  • Music Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
Dr. Andrew Weil, who recommends both Qigong and T’ai Chi as part of a program of health maintenance that is suitable for nearly anyone, states:

“Yoga is one of the best forms of non aerobic exercise that can  improve muscle tone, flexibility, and
balance . . . it will also make them calmer and

more balanced emotionally and spiritually.” 

Suitable For All Children Ages 2-3 and Up, Including Children with Physical and/or Mental Challenges.
Studies show that children unable to physically do the movements can reap their benefits by simply visualizing, imaging, they are doing the movements!
A Mother’s Testimonial . . . “Unique, wish there was more t’ai chi and yoga for kids out there.  3-yr old daughter LOVES this.  We’ll do the T’ai Chi together. I think she likes the animal costumes.”

More Proven Benefits Than Any Other Exercise!
By Encouraging Your Children to Mimic Their Favorite Power Animal A Few Minutes Every Day, They Will Be Getting What One Chinese Master called . . .

“ . . . the most advanced achievement in body exercise and mind conditioning ever to be developed.”

My 35 Years of Yoga, T’ai Chi and Qigong Experience CONFIRMS This is So True!!!
Short Segments, Perfectly Compatible With Children’s Attention Spans.
MWS, Schmitt Elementary School Teacher . . .

“My students LOVE doing the t’ai chi and keep asking for more!  We do it the last 10 minutes of class, before they go to recess, and everyone is so calm and happy! (especially me!)

It really is a great DVD.  The kids love the costumes and the gentle presentations.  Another teacher has expressed an interest in the DVD so I’m going to let her see it. She teaches kindergarten and does yoga with her little ones.”
Introductory Sections for Parents, Caregivers,
Educators & Health Professionals.

A Great Family and Group Activity! 

Adults Love it TOO!
Registered Nurse, Senior Citizen, Ohio . . . “I have done tai chi years ago but then life got busy.  So, when I saw the Power Animal Frolic DVD, I decided to try it. 
The costumes are amazing which made it easy to follow and I felt energy moving through my body
in just a short time. I have shared it with my niece to use with her 5 yr old son with autism.  I have recommended it to many of our patients that come to our medical practice.”
No Special Equipment Needed.

Practice Anywhere: 
  • Home, 
  • School,
  •  Day Care,
  •  Club,
  •  Camp
  •  Church,
  •  Hospital,
  •  Rehab Facility,
  • Sport Center.
A Grandmother Shares . . .
“I got these for my grandchildren (2 sets) a couple of years ago and they are still using them.  At first, every once in a while, one of the children would be an animal – and this could last for a week or more – doing the graceful motions of that animal over and over – now they are making up story dances of animals and their moves and use the tape for reference.
One happy Grannie – that’s me!“

Time-Tested Proven Benefits for Your Children
May Include Improved:
  • Athletic & Scholastic Abilities, Attention Span
  • Behavior, Concentration, Confidence
  • Coordination, Creativity, Flexibility
  • Habits, Happiness, Health
  • Imagination, Inner Peace and Power
  • Memory, Poise, Relationships
  • Self Control, Self Worth, Strength
  • Weight and Well Being!

Dr. Kenneth Sancier states . . . “The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself.”
Your Children, Your Entire Family Will Love and Benefit From Twisting, Bending, Moving and Being Still With . . .
  • Yoga Deer
  • Eagle Heart
  • T'ai Chi Tiger
  • Chi Chi Chimp
  • Bliss Beary Bear
  • Flame—The Fear Eating Dragon
  • Thunderilla—The Chi Gong Gorilla 

Music for “The Power Animal Frolics” Is Provided By the Einstein of Music, Robert Aviles.
Albert Einstein said, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.  I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music.”
Your Children Will Be Listening and Moving In Rhythm to Music Clinically Shown To Enhance Physical, Mental and Emotional Health by . . .
  • Reducing Stress
  • Increasing Energy to the Brain
  • Increasing Balance and Strength
  • Allowing Blood to Flow More Freely
  • Balancing the Left and Right Sides of the Brain
  • Enhancing Agility, Coordination, and Flexibility 
School teachers in America and Japan are Using Robert’s Music in Their Classrooms to Improve
Scholastic Performance, Attention Span, Behavior and Creativity.
Saba Moor-Doucette, Producer 
“Working with Timothy on the Power Animal Frolics was a wonderful experience for me.

Most of the children we used were my friends’ children. They were so taken by the teaching through the animals that they actually paid attention–even at the early ages of 3 – 11.  They really enjoyed themselves–so much so, they keep up the practice to this day.

I feel when young children are introduced to this practice of Tai chi and Qigong they not only get a complete physical work out, it also helps to mold their behavior into more peaceful, thoughtful, caring and loving teens and adults.

Plus the videos are something that parents can do along with their children–without even leaving their homes.

One of my friends even formed a play date Power Animal Frolics party.  Everyone had so much fun they decided to continue once a week.

My accolades of the benefits from Power Animals Frolics can go on for ever.

Every household with kids should have the DVD.”

What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos


Power Animal Frolics Overview.mp4
8 mins
Power Animal Frolics-Parents Frolic Along.mp4
3 mins
Power Animal Frolic Notices.mp4
2 mins
Power Animal Frolics History
Power Animal Frolics History.mp4
2 mins
Power Animal Frolic Health Benefits
Power Animal Frolics Health Benefits.mp4
2 mins
Power Animal Frolics-No More Obesity.mp4
3 mins
Power Animal Frolics Music.mp4
1 min
Power Animal Frolic Practice Suggestions
Power Animal Frolics Practice Suggestions.mp4
2 mins
Thunderilla-The Chi Gong Gorilla Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Chi Gong Gorilla.mov
11 mins
Eagle Heart Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Eagle Heart.mov
6 mins
Bliss Beary Bear Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Bliss Beary Bear.mov
8 mins
Yoga Dear Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Yoga Deer.mov
5 mins
Chi Chi Chimp Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Chi Chi Chimp.mov
6 mins
T'ai Chi Tiger Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--T'ai Chi Tiger.mov
4 mins
Flame-The Fear Eating Dragon Frolic
Power Animal Frolics--Flame-The Fear Eating Dragon.mov
7 mins
Power Animals Playing Frolics
Power Animal Frolics--Power Animals Playing.mp4
5 mins

Meet The Creator

I created the fun, healthy and entertaining Power Animal Frolics so you and your children will have the life long benefits of learning and practicing the oldest form of movement exercises known that have helped millions of people experience their full potential in life for thousands of years!