MORE (13) Delightful Fairy Tales Bundle by Timothy Stuetz

MORE (13) Delightful Fairy Tales Bundle

A Watermelon Tree, Newborn Sunbeams Bursting with Enthusiasm, A Game of Hide-And-Go Seek, Instruments Of Love, Embracing the many Changes of Life, Circus Clowns, Magical Dolphins, Puppies, Singing, and a Magical Ride at Disneyland are awaiting you!

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What's included?

Flow Like A River

A fear of moving brings lessons on how all life is in constant flow & change--from the weather, trees, plants & animals to a young boy’s...
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A circus trip reveals a lad's Heart Fire dream, his father’s practicality & lessons on trust, happiness, appearances, resolving conflicts--
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Fire hides in wood, trees hide in seeds.  Children look for the magical spark of love hiding in all humans as they explore the hidden ......
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Instruments Of Love

A scavenger hunt is the background for lessons on love, patience, listening, asking, following instructions, playing without creating . . . 
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Isn't It Amazing . . . Isn't It Incredible?

Using the wonders of nature and our own bodies, this short yet powerful Tale brings home the importance of what actually is important . . .
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Blissful sun beams bursting with energy explore free will, focus, staying healthy, nourishing others, Love, and the “GIFTS” they offer to...
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The Eternal Sphere Of Love

Stargazing, three magical dolphins, a dry riverbed, a puppy and young girl share lessons on love, wonder, intuition, not giving up & MORE!
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The Gift Of Life

A young boy, bent on “getting even” with his sister during a roller coaster ride, reluctantly learns about love, sharing, teasing & MORE!

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The Power Of Words

A Tale about the joy of singing, words having power to heal or destroy, courage and helping others, not giving up & believing in oneself!
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The Treasure Chest Of Tears

A foot race and scraping fall bring lessons on sickness, name calling, expressing feelings, beneficial uses of water and tears & MUCH MORE!
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The Watermelon Tree

Watermelon Tree creatively shows children that they are perfect, just as they are, with unique strengths they can develop to be happy & ...

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A wondrous eagle of sparkling light appears to help two children discover their mission in life. 

Lessons on having a special place & MORE
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What's A Cookie Jar WITHOUT COOKIES?

Seemingly random questions from a simple grocery checker contain values of love, home, cookies, smiles, gratitude & appreciating life's.....
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