Miracles Are Everywhere by Timothy Stuetz

Miracles Are Everywhere

A new BB gun is the source of joy and sorrow as a little boy takes the life of a tiny hummingbird.  
A hummingbird that turns around to show the boy the value of life and the many treasures and lessons that are hidden in things children use, do, and see everyday.
There truly is more to everything!

Miracles Are Everywhere Passage

Suddenly, the hummingbird’s wings whirled even faster and faster, forming a spiral of golden‑white light around her.
Straight up and out of that spiral she rocketed—at least 50 feet high before she stopped and dove.
She zoomed toward Timmy, a dazzling streak of colored light.
Light that pierced the ground at his feet and transformed itself into an oak tree.
“Why . . . Why . . . Why are you an . . . an oak tree?” Timmy stuttered.
“Am I just an oak tree, Timmy?
Is that all you see?” came the reply.

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Miracles Are Everywhere
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