Magical Miracle Of You Self Empowerment Exercises by Timothy Stuetz

Magical Miracle Of You Self Empowerment Exercises

The "Magical Miracle of You Self Empowerment Guided Exercises" are Designed to Unlock the Unique Gifts and Treasures Inherent Within Your Children In Each and Every Moment of Their Lives As They:
  • Play Sports; 
  • Daydream About Their Future; 
  • Study Music, Art, or For School; 
  • Interact With Family, Friends, and Teachers; 
  • Learn From A Mistake or Take On A New Challenge; 
  • Have to Determine When a Situation Feels Off or Threatening; 
  • Draw an Expressive Painting or Executing a New Dance Routine; 
  • Stand Strong and True to Themselves in the Face of Peer Pressures. 

U.S. Senator Divid Vitter said: “I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!”

They Empower Your Children With Essential Tools to Navigate The Uncharted Waters of Daily Living With Clarity, Confidence and Ease!

The Tools to Realize Their Wildest Dreams And Help Them . . .
  • Give Voice to Their Feelings;
  • Love Themselves and Others;
  • Improve Their Memory and Focus;
  • Find and Express Their Creative Gifts;
  • Cultivate Their Courage and Creativity;
  • Recognize and Release Fears and Stress;
  • Keep a Strong, Flexible, and Healthy Body;
  • Make Choices and Develop Inner Confidence;
  • Appreciate Their Unique Abilities and Attributes;
  • Be Self-Aware Through Their Mind/Body/Spirit Connection;
  • Develop Their Imaginations, a KEY Element to Expanding Their Mind and Creating a Successful Life;
  • Appreciate Their Human Connectedness to Nature and Each Other;
  • Call Forth Their Infinite Inner Resources to Stay Calm and Centered in the Midst of All Activities and Challenges.

These Time-Tested, BUT NOT Time-Intensive, “Magical Miracle Of You” Activities and Exercises are Specifically Designed to Bolster Your Children’s Belief In Their Very Own:
Self Image;
Self Worth;
Self Esteem;
Self Respect;
Self Confidence;
Self Empowerment.

“Self esteem is the real magic wand that can form a child’s future. A child’s self-esteem affects every area of her (his)existence, from friends she (he) chooses, to how well she (he) does academically in school, to what kind of job she (he) gets, to even the person she (he) chooses to marry.” Nationally recognized stress expert, Stephanie Martson.

"Magical Miracle Of You” Exercises and Activities Instill Feelings and Experiences Everyone Enjoys . . .

“If a child is given love, he/she becomes loving … If he/she's helped when help is needed, he/she becomes helpful. And if he/she has been truly valued at home … he/she grows up secure enough to look beyond him or her self to the welfare of others.”
Dr. Joyce Brothers.

You Can Use The "Magical Miracle of You Exercises and Activities" as a:
  • Playtime, 
  • Preschool, 
  • Elementary School, 
  • Home School, 
  • Sunday / Spiritual School
  •  Or Other Activity 
to Provide Your Children with the Building Blocks to a Successful Future.

Research Shows That Creative Children Can More Easily Meet Life’s Challenges and Build the Skills Needed to Experience Happy, Productive Lives!

The amazing musical vibrations in the background of each tract carry specific information that interacts directly with the body's Bioenergetic field to restore its balanced and harmonized state. In turn, the body begins to operate at its highest level of efficiency and well-being.

CONTENTS: ALL recordings . . . NO videos.

What's included?

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Flame of Love.mp3
10 mins
Breathing And Relaxation.mp3
14 mins
Breath of Soul.mp3
7 mins
Tree Shaking.mp2
4 mins
Hands To Heart Breathing.mp2
4 mins
The Spinning Earth.mp3
4 mins
A Radiant Star.mp2
7 mins
Angel Wings of Light.mp2
7 mins
Creating A Safe Place.mp3
8 mins
Creating A Smiling Body.mp3
9 mins