Is Santa Claus Real? by Timothy Stuetz

Is Santa Claus Real?

This magical and inspiring Santa Tale looks at the powerful blessings of music, being discriminate, name-calling, love, faith, world-wide holiday celebrations, reindeer magic and much more!  

Is Santa Claus Real?  

You may be SURPRISED!

Is Santa Claus Real Passage

“I saw him! I know I did!” Muralidhar pleaded.
“But Jimmy says he’s not real. That Santas are everywhere at Christmas just for show! And they are!  I see them everywhere too!”
“Muralidhar,” I began, “your flute has taken you on many magical journeys.”

“Trust what comes from within you, my child.

Listen to your own truth.

The words of others are only good if they ring of truth within you.

Have faith!

Has your flute always been true to you before?”
“Why yes, Bliss Beary Bear.” Muralidhar agreed.

“But Jimmy’s older.”
“Truth does not come from age.” I affirmed.

“It comes from within.  Keep playing your flute and again it will reveal the answer to your question.”
“But, Jimmy!” Muralidhar thought.

“How will I convince him?”
“That’s not important.” I assured.

“You have asked yourself a question.

The answer is yours—your truth no matter who believes you.

It’s a Universal Promise—‘Seek and Ye Shall Find’.”

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