Instruments Of Love by Timothy Stuetz

Instruments Of Love

A scavenger hunt is the background for ten children learning that people are Instruments of Love.  
Woven throughout the Tale are lessons on . . .
  • patience,
  • listening,
  • asking questions,
  • following instructions, and
  • playing without creating losers.

Instruments Of Love Passage

“Well,” I began, “in my scavenger hunt, there’s only one thing to find.

And it’s not important to be the first one back.”
“How come?” Jeff asked, smoothing the red hair back off his forehead.
“Because in this game,” I replied, “there are no losers.”
“No losers! That is new!” Dee broke in.
“Yes it is, so listen carefully and I’ll explain how we’ll play.

The important thing is for each of you to choose very carefully what you bring back.

I want each of you to bring me AN INSTRUMENT OF LOVE!”

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