In “HeartFire!” a trip to the circus sets up a heart-tugging dilemma between a young boy’s dream and his father’s practicality.
Woven throughout this delightful and insightful Tale are some lessons on . . . 
  • trust,
  • happiness,
  • assumptions,
  • appearances,
  • conflict resolution,
  • the power of thought, and
  • being true to your own heart.

HeartFire Passage

Warning! Warning! Billy Martin is not listening to his heart!
He’s giving in to what earthlings call rational thought!
Change in plans! Change in plans!
He no longer wants to be a clown!
Put everything on hold!
Stop working on his dream!
Hold everything!
As I watched Billy’s dilemma and his final thought, “I guess you’re right!”, emerge, a tiny tear trickled down my right cheek.
I was saddened for I knew only too well the detour Billy’s entire life was about to take.
He was getting off his own personal Heart Path in favor of a road traveled by most of mankind--The Highway of The Mind!
“Come on, Billy!” I rooted, as he closed his tired eyes for the night.

“Don’t give up!

Listen to your heart.

Come on, kid!”

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