Health & Child Safety Bundle--7 Fairy Tales by Timothy Stuetz

Health & Child Safety Bundle--7 Fairy Tales

This Bundle of fun, yet educational and inspiring, Fairy Tales Of The Heart will save you $7 and increase your health and happiness as you also enjoy some new takes on classic fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs and more!

Discover how all sorts of Animal Mommies teach their babies about STAYING SAFE and how your MOMMY teaches you to BE STRANGER SAFE!

What's included?

A Mommy's Love

Mommy animals teach their babies about safety as children and families learn very practical strategies for staying "stranger safe"!
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Holy Healing Batkids! You Gotta Read This!

When Robin finds himself not feeling very well and wanting to get better very fast so he can go back outside and play, he takes a nap and...
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I'll HUFF, I'll PUFF, I'll GASP, I'll CHOKE, I'll . . .

A modern day Three Little Pigs & One Big Fat Wolf looks at overindulging and how the choices we make affect our bodies, minds and lives.
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The Bag Lady

A Very Extraordinary Bag Lady, along with several inconsiderate children, bring lessons in kindness, discipline, caring for our bodies & ...
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The Power Of Choice Coloring Book

This Coloring Book, filled with magic, wizards and rhymes, and written for California's Tobacco Education Program empowers children to . . .
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What Foul, Gross Breath You Have!

A modern day Little Red Riding Hood where the consequences of smoking and drinking catch up to a wolf as children learn about behaviors.....
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This modern day Goldilocks and The Three Bears lovingly looks at the potential dangers of abusing alcohol, drunk driving, tobacco use and...
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