Guided Meditations For Health, Happiness & Harmony by Timothy Stuetz

Guided Meditations For Health, Happiness & Harmony

These Guided Meditations are Dynamic and Life Transforming 

Each Guided Meditation is 29 minutes in length and can be practiced sitting or laying down. They are a wonderful prelude to deep meditation or sleep.
Butterfly Transformation—is a guided imagery meditation where you enter a cocoon of peace, release all physical and mental tension, and emerge as a beautiful, free, totally transformed being.
Nei Gung—A dynamic, ancient Japanese meditation brought back into modern times by Master Justin Stone—originator of T’ai Chi Chih.
When I first learned the Nei Gung meditation, I practiced it before going to sleep at night. 
Immediately, I started falling asleep faster and deeper than ever before. One night, after six months of doing this, I committed to keep repeating the Nei Gung phrases until I had some sort of dynamic experience—even if it meant doing them all night long. 

After about 30 minutes, every cell of my body lit up like a glowing SUN. Every pore of my being was ALIVE and SPARKLING! My senses heightened. I could hear conversations and noises going on in distant parts of the house behind walls and closed doors, as well as outside. I was beyond ecstasy! 
After that experience, culminating six months of steady practice, I have only used this meditation when I feel super stuck and need a breakthrough—and I get that breakthrough!
The HISTORY and LINEAGE of Nei Gung 

In the 1700’s, Zen Master Hakuin’s emotional and physical health had seriously deteriorated to the point where he said: 
“Activity and non activity had become entirely out of harmony. My heart began to make me dizzy, my lungs became dry, both my legs felt as cold as if they were immersed in ice . . . My ears were filled with a ringing as of the rushing waters of a swift river in a deep canyon. My liver felt weak and, in my behavior, I experienced many fears. My spirit was distressed and weary and, whether sleeping or waking, I always became lost in wild fancies. Both armpits were perpetually bathed in sweat and my eyes were continually filled with tears.”
Having heard rumors of a wise man who possessed the secret of health and long life, Hakuin sought the assistance of the legendary sage Hakuyu. Hakuyu, seeing that not even the most famous physician would be able to cure Hakuin, gave him the secret Nei Gung meditation.
Contemplate these words from Hakuin’s diary after he practiced this meditation with great diligence for three years and imagine what it may do for you.

“At first, my main object in carrying out this method was the simple one of health preservation. But . . . I discovered that my power of understanding was enlightened by it . . . The illness, which had till that time been practically incurable, now began to melt away like frost or snow in the morning sunlight. Poisonously hard problems, difficulties of faith, difficulties preventing me from penetrating through to the truth, . . . and difficulties which hindered the beginning periods of meditation . . . all of them, without exception, were softened and alleviated together with my bodily sickness and they melted away like ice. And now, when I have passed the average length of man’s life, I have ten times as much vitality as I used to have when I was only thirty or forty years of age. Now my body and soul are both healthy and strong.”

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