God's Gift Of BREATH by Timothy Stuetz

God's Gift Of BREATH

This delightful Tale has fun and ever so easy to do breathing games and exercises for children ages 2 - 6, actions to nurture the wondrous gift of breath and honoring people's commonalities and differences!

God's Gift Of Breath Passage

Just like Dharma had asked, her mother began reading all sorts of stories to her before she was even born.  
One story that she read over and over began like this . . .
At the dawning of each new day, the tinkling of crystalline chimes  echoes throughout creation, calling together all the souls who will be born that day on Planet Earth.  
And, do you know what?  
Not a single soul has ever been late for one of these meetings.
Do you know why?
It’s because they don’t want to miss even one nanosecond of feeling the Creator’s radiant love pour into them as they receive this blessing before being born:
“Welcome dear souls,
Your Earth adventure is about to begin.
Each one of you has a unique mission to accomplish with your life on Planet Earth.” 

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God's Gift Of BREATH
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