Famous Villains by Timothy Stuetz

Famous Villains

Given various clues along the way, children try to figure out 
who may be the most dangerous, diabolical villain of all time (fictional or nonfictional).
Meet Famous Villains, Dr. Suffo™ and his cohort in poor health, Dr. Apathy™.
Along the way there are lessons about:
  • not giving up,
  • going beyond fears,
  • how to breathe better,
  • the causes of poor breathing and
  • living a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

Famous Villains Passage

I can cause lots of suffering.

There’s no pill or shot that will make me go away.

I’m a real scoundrel to say the least.

Do you know what’s really scary about me?

I can and will attack you and you won’t even know I’ve come and gone.

Some people never figure out that I’ve messed up their entire life!

Got a clue yet as to who I really. am?

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