Fairy Tales (5) for Expecting & Other Parents Bundle by Timothy Stuetz

Fairy Tales (5) for Expecting & Other Parents Bundle

PROVEN FACT: Reading stories to your child while they are still developing in the womb (starting at 5 months), sets the stage for their brilliance!  

These Fairy Tales will help you help your child get the best start possible in LIFE!

They include a progression of stories, including songs and exercises, you can share with your child from womb to 6 years old!

Consider the possibilities!

What's included?

Dear Mommy & Daddy

This Tale, told from the standpoint of a child within the womb, helps expectant and new parents enhance their child's breathing and .....
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God's Gift Of BREATH

This delightful Tale has fun and ever so easy to do breathing games & exercises for children ages 2 - 6, actions to nurture the wondrous....
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The Eyes of Children

It’s so easy to get up day after day, doing the things we do over and over, without pausing to question, what are we doing--until NOW!
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Welcome To Our Home

Filled with rhymes & amusing facts on how various animals breathe, this Tale has exercises for your baby before they crawl, walk or play....
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When a child is not given the love, encouragement, support, and all the other nourishment it needs, YABUT habits and patterns develop . . .
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