Dear Mommy & Daddy by Timothy Stuetz

Dear Mommy & Daddy

In "Dear Mommy and Daddy", A Baby Lovingly Talks to Her Parents-To-Be From Within The Womb, Providing Helpful Hints for Her Care Before Birth!

You will be AMAZED at what She shares!

Dear Mommy & Daddy Passage

I really wish I could talk to you right now  the way you talk with each other.
I want to tell you so much!
But since I’m inside and you’re outside, we’ll have to  find other ways to communicate.
Like the way I’m using right now.  

My mind’s “talking” with your minds.  
In a few months, I’ll be able to “kick” or “poke” some messages mommy’s way.
As we “tune into” one another through our minds, mommy  might even find herself eating things she wouldn’t normally eat or doing things she wouldn’t ordinarily do.  
That’s because I have some very unique needs. 

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Dear Mommy & Daddy
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