Blowing Bubbles In The Wind by Timothy Stuetz

Blowing Bubbles In The Wind

As a curious bubble floats freely through the sky, searching for its true nature, it meets and talks to other “round objects—circles” in the world.
Through the bubble’s seeking, 
children learn about:  
  • love,
  • faith,
  • trust,
  • group interaction,
  • setting intentions, 
  • staying calm and centered,
  • making clear explanations, and
  • looking beyond outer appearances.

Blowing Bubbles Passage

“Yes, we changed once!” agreed another drop.
“I know,” said a fifth drop, “let’s stick together until we find out what or who we really are!”
And with all of the drops in agreement, this gigantic bubble we’ll call Infinity drifted with the wind asking . . . 

     “Who Am I?”

. . . to everything that was round in shape just like herself.

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Blowing Bubbles In Wind
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