Bliss Beary Bear & Pals

Bliss Beary Bear

This Tale introduces Bliss Beary Bear who comes to Earth in a Blue Pearl Star Ship as children from around the world seek a new land of ...
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Angels of Love

Join the Angel Melanie and The Beary Godfather as they show us how to see, hear, feel, speak, and breathe with our hearts.
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BEELEEV’N BEAR poetically en“courage”s children to see what's important in their lives, honor the gifts they have to share, and shares.....
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Bhakti Bear

As fear grips Mother Earth and the Sun threatens to stop shining, Bhakti Bear (Bliss Beary's sister) shares about love, faith, courage . . .
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Chi Bear

A Chi Bear and seven other "real" zoo bears bring lessons on bears, equality, commonality, silence, freedom, tolerance, kindness and more. 

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Love One Another

A magical eclipse, a letter of star shine, and ways for children and parents to experience the wonder and variety of love & beauty that...
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Power Animal Pals

A lighthearted Tale of an Inter Galactic want ad for Power Animals to come share their secret powers with Earth’s children to help them....
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The Wit, Wisdom & Whimsey of POET BEAR

Through the humor & wisdom of Poet Bear children learn the values of storytelling, the many kinds of poems & how too much of a good thing--
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Bliss Beary Bear & Pals Bundle--8 Fairy Tales

Join My Bear Family & Power Animal Pals, the Most Incredible Bears & Super Heroes EVER, as we INSPIRE YOU to be the best Human Ever!
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