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My name is Timothy.

I am the Creator of Bliss Beary Bear and the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer Of Conscious Parent Magical Child.

I am a Poet, Storyteller, Author, Certified Self Esteem Coach for Children and a Children's Educator who has developed programs for the State of California and private foundations.

I created Bliss Beary Bear and all the other Programs we offer to inspire everyone to achieve their full mental, physical, emotional and heart-filled potential.

The inspiration and ideas for Bliss Beary Bear and Fairy Tales Of The Heart have arisen from my daughter, friends, family, teachers, and other loved ones; nature; meditation and prayer; my own experiences of the wonders and magic of life; and that "inner spark" we all have!

The Fairy Tales and Programs are enriched through having held children and others at birth and death and coaching people of all ages through a variety of life’s most challenging circumstances.

I have been trained as a Certified Medical Intuitive; T’ai Chi/ Qigong, Quantum Energy, Reiki, and Meditation Master; Yoga Instructor; Soul Harmonic Sound Healer; Sacred Essential Oil Alchemist; and Indian Head and Foot Massage Practitioner.

I am also an Ordained Healing and Science of Mind Minister as well as a Retired Certified Public Accountant.

I have shared my love, wisdom, and gifts with people of all ages at grade schools and colleges, hospitals, churches, Cirque du Soleil and other corporations, retreats, government facilities and private settings.

I am blessed to live in a state of blissful joy--in touch with ALL aspects of my Divine Being--Soul, Heart, Mind and Body. 

For me, life as a steady stream of beauty, success and miracles . . . in relationships, play and service.

It is my life path and pleasure to help you and your children . . .

  • Achieve the SAME state, resolving whatever obstacles are temporarily in the way.
  • Discover, cultivate, and fine tune the unique and vast treasures that you are.
  • Live healthy, happy, successful lives . . . amidst this ever changing and challenging world.

Please enjoy browsing through the treasure trove of our web site. 

The Fairy Tales and Courses we offer are life-transforming and time-tested.

Simply gazing at all the Colorful and Magnificent Contemporary Fairy Tale Illustrations by Vrindaji Claremaria Bowman WILL BE an INSPIRING Experience!

The Great Sage, Dennis the Menace, said:

“The best thing you can do is to get very good at being you!”

Claremaria (Vrindaji) Bowman's Illustrations For Bliss Beary Bear's Fairy Tales Will Brighten Your Heart!

A painter and art educator for nearly four decades, Claremaria paints what makes her happy . . . children, animals, whimsical scenes, dancers, prayerful and saintly folks . . . with words of faith and inspiration often included.

In addition to illustrating Fairy Tales of The Heart, she has illustrated seven children's books of her own and recently completed illustrations for Laine Sevante Wulkan's children's book, FINNs GIANT LEAP.

Claremaria's paintings have also graced several poetry anthologies, including MONKSCRIPT II (poetry and art journal published by Fons Vitae Press) and Rainmaker (poetry by Deborah Ward published by Coyote Press). 

Her work has been shown in five major art museums and over twenty art galleries.

ClareMaria has enjoyed performing as a puppeteer and dancer, and produced a children's puppet theater, Coeur De Soliel for 10 years. 

She has taught in universities,
colleges, schools and pre-schools throughout the United States.

You Can View and Purchase Claremaria's Beautiful Art by Clicking HERE!