Bhakti Bear by Timothy Stuetz

Bhakti Bear

As fear grips Mother Earth and the Sun threatens to stop shining, Bhakti Bear, Bliss Beary Bear’s sister, embarks on a very courageous mission.
A mission that brings lessons about
  • love,
  • fear,
  • pain,
  • faith,
  • greed,
  • courage,
  • jealousy,
  •  conservation,
  • Mother Nature,
  • asking for help,
  • kindness to animals,
  • acceptance and denial,
  • and MORE.

Passage from Bhakti Bear

“Our love won’t directly help the Sun or Mother Earth.”  The Great Bear agreed.  “But our love can show people the FEAR that hides their love.

We can reveal the truth to all those on Earth who cry out for help—for understanding!

We can give them the courage and strength of a lion.

The courage to shine like individual suns in the face of all adversity!

Suns that will draw the glorious rays of the Sun back to Earth, removing clouds of darkness.”
“But how?” I asked in a doubt‑filled voice.  “We can’t get to everyone at once!”
“You could.” The Great Bear countered.

“But that’s not the way.  And never doubt.  Never lose faith.”

“Didn’t I once blacken the skies of Earth and fill your pen with star shine so you could write a message to everyone at once?

Didn’t I teach you the power of the Blue Pearl Star Ship which whisks you instantly anywhere?

Didn’t I place that Magical Heart around your neck?

Didn’t I . . .”

What's included?

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