"What an inspiration for everyone.  The bees show us all how to treat and honor Mother Earth in the way they treat and honor their Queen. Thank you Brother for writing this."
Don Jose Ruiz, Shaman and Author, including "The Fifth Agreement"

Ballad Of The Bees

The Ballad Of The Bees--A Fully Illustrated Storybook

A beautifully illustrated book of poetic playfulness & bright colors that helps children of all ages appreciate the wonders & gifts of bees!
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The Ballad Of The Bees Audio Book with Bee Bee Jubilee Songs

As your children create  their own busy, buzzy bee voices or sing & dance to the bouncy, inspiring melody of “The Bee Bee Jubilee”, they ...
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The Ballad Of The Bees Bundle

BEEE Filled With Delightful Inspiration as YOU ENJOY the Fully Illustrated Storybook, Amazing Audio Book and Bee Bee Jubilee Songs--WOW!