Angels of Love by Timothy Stuetz

Angels of Love

In "Angels Of Love" we join Angel Melanie as she gives up her home in The City of Lights to explore the sights, sounds, colors, smells, and feelings of life on Earth.

Melanie teaches us to see, hear, feel, speak, and breathe with our hearts.
This Tale also introduces The Beary Godfather.

Angels Of Love Passage

“I’ll teach you the secret that will make all people equal in your eyes, all sounds those of divine harps ringing in your ears, all feelings those of golden sunshine, all smells fresh and clean, and all tastes sweet as nectar.
I’ll teach you this secret so you and the things you do will teach others.”
Caressing Melanie in wings of tenderness and with a flick of his magical star-tipped wand, The Beary Godfather instilled the secret deep in Melanie’s heart.

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