ALL Roses Are Beautiful . . . Thorns & All! by Timothy Stuetz

ALL Roses Are Beautiful . . . Thorns & All!

 . . . tells the tale of a very special rose talking to a boy who’s been called some names at school.
The Lessons unfolding in this Tale help children understand . . .
  • pity,
  • truths,
  • gossip,
  • confidence,
  • assumptions,
  • trusting our heart,
  • the beauty of the world around us, and
  • the beauty of the whole versus the isolated parts.
Through the rose and the animals in his backyard the boy learns of his own beauty.

All Roses Are Beautiful Passage

“No, but why are you talking to me?

I’m ugly and clumsy.

Slow and freckle-faced!

And you!

Why, you’re so beautiful!

Why are you talking to me?”

The words rushed out of Joshua’s mouth faster than a roller coaster races down a steep hill.
“Because you were crying and looked so sad.” the rose replied.

“I wanted to know what could possibly be bothering you while you were sitting in the midst of such a beautiful, peaceful spot.”
“I just told you!” Joshua stormed.

“I’m so ugly and clumsy.

So slow and freckle-faced.”
“Well,” said the rose, “I don’t think you’re any of those things.

Why do you think you’re anything other than beautiful?”

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ALL Roses Are Beautiful . . . Thorns & All!
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