A Million Me's! by Timothy Stuetz

A Million Me's!

Go on an adventure with a seedling as it's taken from its home in the forest . . . 

as it's replanted in a Christmas Tree lot . . . 

as the new noises of the 
outer world distract it from the loving, comforting vibrations it once heard and felt inside . . . 

as it wrestles with . . .
  • shock,
  •  despair, 
  • self doubt, 
  • the judgments of others, 
  • anger, 
  • feeling alone and then,


A Million Me's Passage

The Christmas Tree also got very confused when one person would say a tree was “too tall” and then someone else would come to the same tree and say . . . “This one’s perfect.  Let’s get this one!”
“How can one person say, “It’s too tall and another say it’s perfect?” Wondered the Christmas Tree.
It didn’t realize different people had different needs and preferences for their very own special Christmas Tree and that some people were just plain JUDGMENTAL.
It did realize that day after day, more and more trees were being cut down and being carried away by people with big smiles who seemed very happy.
It did realize it was starting to wonder things it had never wondered before . . .
“Why is no one picking me?”
“Am I Too Tall?”
“Am I Too Short?”
“Do I have holes, open spaces?”
“Do I have too many branches?”
“Am I crooked—not standing up straight?”
Question after question, coming from comment after comment it had heard, poured through the Christmas Tree so loudly it could no longer appreciate the breeze or the sun.

There was so much chatter going on inside the Christmas Tree it could no longer hear the inner voice saying . . .   

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A Million Me's!
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