A Hummingbird & Elephant Thanksgiving by Timothy Stuetz

A Hummingbird & Elephant Thanksgiving

Hop on board the train of Giving Thanks with Bliss Beary Bear, Zippity-Do-Dah Hummingbird and Triumphant Elephant as every day, for eight days, they share different ways to form a deeper connection with family, friends, all life and the blessings in our lives through being grateful (for the obvious and not so obvious).

Hummingbird & Elephant Passage

Hello, Hello, Hello.
We are so excited today. 
Do you know why? 
We are so excited because we are meeting you!
I AM Hummingbird and I AM Elephant.
Zippity-Do-Dah HummingbirdTMand (Ellie) Triumphant ElephantTM!
What is your name?

What was that? We didn’t quite hear you.

Would you please say your name a little louder for us?  
That will really help you OWN your name.

Be proud of your name just like we are so delighted to be a tiny, shining Hummingbird and a very large, grey Elephant.

That is much better. What a beautiful name you have. 

Before we continue this Fairy Tale together, we have one confession and two questions for you.
First, the confession. This Fairy Tale is not about Thanksgiving.  
There is a difference—a difference you are about to DISCOVER!
Now the questions. Are you ready?

Question Number 1 . . .
Will you promise to read or listen to just ONE Chapter and ONLY ONE Chapter of this Fairy Tale every day? 
There are Eight Chapters so it will take at least 8 days to finish the entire Fairy Tale. 
Will you promise to do that? 

Would you like to know why we are asking you to do that before making your commitment?
OK, it’s because we want you to participate in this Fairy Tale Chapter by Chapter by practicing what’s in each Chapter day by day.  
This will give your heart and mind a chance to really absorb the Tale like a sponge soaks up water.
Now, if you are ready to make that promise, please say out loud . . . “I promise to read or listen to ONE Chapter at a time so I have the most fun and learn the most I can from this Fairy Tale.”
We heard that and we thank you so much for helping us help you have the most fun and learn the most you can from this Fairy Tale.
Question Number 2 . . .
Would you be willing to take one of us with you on your adventure in this Fairy Tale each day?
You are free to choose one of us to take with you each and every day or you can alternate—take me, Zippity-Do-Dah Hummingbird, one day and my best friend Triumphant Elephant another day.
It’s OK with me if you choose Triumphant every day and it’s OK with Triumphant if you choose me, Zippity-Do-Dah, every day.
Would you like to know why we are asking you to choose?

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