A Birthday WISH! by Timothy Stuetz

A Birthday WISH!

The give and take, sometimes quarrelsome interactions between a brother and sister duo set the stage for a magical celebration of feelings, helping one another, our “invisible” mind and soul, nonviolent communication, breathing exercises for children ages 4-12 and more!

A Birthday Wish Passage

As she opened her eyes to the golden rays of sunshine softly shimmering through her window the next morning, her first thoughts were not about her birthday!

They were about the Wizard and:

“First thing in the morning,
        Three breaths I blow,
To keep my sun blazing,
        I now inhale and glow.”
And now it’s your turn to practice creating your  very own ball of sunshine every day.
Remember, you can use its power to . . .  
  • boost your energy, 
  • help others, and
  •  do everything better than ever—sing, dance, play ball, skate, study, or anything else.

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A Birthday WISH!
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